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  • SIRIKOON Mission Statement

    Our mission at Sirikoon Authentic Thai Massage is to provide a safe, comfortable venue staffed by well-qualified massage therapists to provide best-in-class service in the downtown San Diego market.

    We believe that everyone can improve their health and quality of life through therapeutic massage. Whether you are a professional athlete, spend too much time in the office, or are an overworked mother of two, we can assist with the alleviation of muscle pain and tension, reduction of stress, and actually improve immune and organ function through therapeutic massage.


About the Owner

Having migrated from Laos to the United States in 1979, the founder of Sirikoon Massage offers unmatched expertise and knowledge in the massage therapy field. As a Certified Massage Therapist, she has worked under some of the most skilled therapists and instructors to hone her craft. Our founder has developed unique techniques to help our clients achieve their therapeutic and wellness goals.

What We Do

At Sirikoon Massage, we offer Thai massage, reflexology, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage with hot oil and stone—just to name a few. Check out our Services page to learn more about the different techniques we offer or discuss it with one of our massage therapists to determine which therapy will best suit your needs. Let our hands take away the stress, tension, and discomfort you feel—and walk out relaxed full of renewed energy and ready to take on what life throws your way.

Talk to Us

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at 619-920-6832 or 619-952-4633 for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!